For our patients and community:

At this time, we are researching new seminars that would be beneficial and enriching for the lives of our patients and your friends.

We hold these classes in our facility, usually on week nights, and offer them at no cost you. As information on times and content become available, we will update this site. Additionally we will contact current patients who may be interested in the content.

Examples of previous seminars held by North Seattle Orthodontics:

  • “Understanding the Teenage Brain” by Marget Crane
  • “Your Child’s Safety” by Kim Brown

For dentists and their staff:

In our facility, our expanded conference room enables us to offer more “Lunch and Learn” seminars for the whole staff or host study clubs for doctors.

The following are few of the topics we present at Lunch and Learn:

  • Advanced Technology in Orthodontics
  • Update for Hygienist: Managing decalcification, improving home care and working with self-ligating brackets
  • Looking at Philosophy of Early Treatment and When to Wait

If you’re interested in attending one of our Lunch and Learn seminars, or, if you have a topic in orthodontics you would like us to talk about, send us the Lunch and Learn Fax form or e-mail us at For more information, call us at 206-523-1047.